Rosie & Pete - Liddell Water Lodges & Skitby House Hotel, Carlisle

On 25th May 2019, we were lucky enough to work with a lovely couple named Rosie & Pete, capturing their wedding day at Skitby House Hotel, Carlisle. The two of them and their families were very receptive and as comfortable as can be with us filming them throughout the day. We make a point not to be too intrusive, which often gives our clients a surprise when they receive their final film - not realising the amount of detail we captured on the day until the see it all again in their wedding video. The day can be a whirlwind for couples getting married and a video of the parts they missed can be invaluable.

We're always keen to capture some nice scenery when we can, and before arriving at the venue to film the guests at the wedding, we were given just that. Beneath the cover of a forest on the border between England and Scotland, there's a collection of picturesque log cabins. These are called The Liddel Water Lodges at Penton, Cumbria. The river running alongside them is literally the border between two countries, meaning that on their wedding day, Rosie and Pete got ready in Scotland and were married in England later that day.

The Lodges were amazing to shoot video in and around. They were light and airy, with lots of greenery surrounding them. The rich earthy tones of the log cabins created an ideal backdrop for the bride and groom preparations, which provided a kick start to our working day and their wedding day.

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