Beeston Manor Wedding and Events Venue

We recently had the pleasure of doing a day's work at the great Beeston Manor on Quaker Brook Ln, Preston. We were there for the wedding of Sarah and Clayton. The first thing we were told by the friendly and helpful staff when we arrived, was that our groom would be arriving by helicopter. Although we've had this happen before at weddings, it's always an exhilarating thing to cover as a filmmaker. 

As a camera operator, moments like this are nerve-racking to film, as you need to make sure you are calm and composed, getting the best out of the situation as the helicopter lands. As with a lot of wedding moments, there's only one chance to capture it on film. Thankfully everything went smoothly and we got some great shots of the groom making his touchdown on the heli-pads. The landing spot for the helicopter is directly behind the venue, and it makes for an amazing shot to start off the day. none of the guests on the day were aware of the groom's dramatic, James Bond style entrance - so that made for great reaction shots. 

You would think that it couldn't get any better from there, but you'd be wrong - Later in the day our Groom went on to surprise his new wife Sarah by presenting a brand new car to her, complete with private licence plates. To say the least, she was shocked - but very happy!

If you're ever looking into getting married at Beeston Manor, be sure to check out their Helicopter arrivals. These are provided by Bickestaffe Aviation Limited, who are located on-site and have a partnership with the wedding venue. 

Sarah and Clayton's day was made even more breathtaking by the effort that Sarah herself put into her flower arrangements. Sarah has her own company where they provide an excellent florist service for all occasions - It really gave her wedding a big wow factor. 

See some pictures below of the aforementioned proceedings, complete with a helicopter and the most beautiful flower arrangement you could imagine!

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